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September 13, 2008

About Breed

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Rhodesian Ridgeback shines with arogance and self esteem trough which it dominates. Words like “exceptionaly skillfull” and “the bravest and couragest of all hunting dogs” that best describe this breed are not just boasting, in fact they are not boasting at all. Their romanic hunting feats on big game have brought them glory and acknowledgement and these attributes are no less developed in the breed we know today than they were developed by the breed known long ago. Their cunning, keen eyesight and smell combined with astonishing speed these dogs are capable considering their size is can often be observed with these dogs when they move trough small spaces such as a living room. Another distinguished attribute to such a dynamic dog is self control, which can be seen at matured dogs on regular basis.

Young dogs are verry playfull and active and these two main characteristics mask the true characteristics of a mature dogs. Ridgebacks mature at a age of to years, which is quite late and at the age of two and a half years, they can be trained well since their learning abilities derive from late maturing. Because of this it is most important, that Ridgeback owners treat pupies and later young dogs with gentlenes and at the sam time with solid dominance over the dog. Ridgebacks remember even the earliest impressions from the interaction with humans. They respond well to flattering, gentleness and also to a firm hand to lead them. Because of their strong will and stubborness no results can be expected if treated with violence or abuse, however if they are treated with finesse, reward and firm and uncompromising leadership, much if nat all can be thaught to these beautiful animals. If treated as mentioned before all it takes for the Ridgeback to comply with your order is to change the tone of voice.

Ridgebacks do not report with barking or growling unless it is really important, they will only make notice of their presence when there is actual danger to their pack, meaning their family, their masters. An unwanted guest a Ridgeback will great with a threat, his masters friends with carlessnes. Love and admiration is truly reserved for only the loved ones, the family the Ridgeback lives with. However a Ridgeback does not forget a friend and this fact remains true even after years of not seeing eachother. With a ridgeback you need not to worry if the dog will react to a threat, considering that he or she is naping all day long on the porch or what is far mor common, on your couch. A reaction will allways come no matter what, the most common indicator of the Ridgeback being aware of the situation is the raising of the head and thus showing his master he or she is not asleep, mearly not just jet responding. But if the need arises, Ridgeback will stand the ground, lowered head, streched neck and a look as firm as a concrete fundaments. Very few peaople will be willing to risk to take this confrontation a step further. Only a direct command of their master or the oponents retreat will end this cinfrontation in peace.

As a family dog and a friend a Ridgeback shows exceptional devotion and love towards his master and family. It often seems that it is not you who own a Ridgeback but rather the other way around. Because of Ridgebacks drive to unconditionaly protect whatever they belive is theirs to protect, a family woth a Ridgeback member will have very little to worry about in terms of personal safety. Ridgebacks are a breed of dogs that need to interact and cooperate with humans, they need human contact, but they do not tollerate bad handling or abuse. it is a breed which is not meant to live in a kennel but inside a house or an apartment with the family, giving them physical contact and mental interaction, but above all human closeness. A ridgeback who does not have the daily interaction with people will not be a dog it as meant to be. If brought up well, life without a ridgeback will become unimaginable.
When working with a Ridgeback one needs to constantly bare in mind that abuse and violence will not bare any fruits. A lot of reward, cuttling, given quickly and in large doses will work miracles on a Ridgeback. Because of its natural tendency to protect one should not train a Ridgeback as a watch dog, however his natural abilities should be harnessed and with obedience and control training.

A ridgeback will tollerate children in various ways and degrees, from being totaly not interested up to effectionate loving and taking care of children, which can sometimes be considered alarming ina good way. At the same time, like every other breed, a Ridgeback must not be treated as a toy which is dragged arround and being jumped upon, especialy when having puppies in mind.

Ridgebacks are by nature lazy breed and are in condition to indefinatley sleep on their cosy place, not wasting a single atom of energy more than necesary. Sometimes they forget the ease and agility by which they can and are able to move, in such cases it seems that they do not go arount objects but rather trough them. If an object is being thrown to a Ridgeback in order for them to fetch it back, their attitude will soon be, that their master no longer has any need for the object since he or she is throwing it away. On exhibitions a Ridgeback will often seem uninterested, even bored in when in vicinity of other breeds. However a Ridgeback will shine in grace and whole of its beauty, on the parking graound, galloping around in curcles, after the exhibition has ended off course. One can not bring a Ridgeback to an open plain and expect the dog to run arround while the master lazily lays back and enjoys the view. Ridgeback will in such a case not move at all, he or she will wait until you move, all the previous descriptions of the breed will somehow fade away in oblivion, but once you start moving, running and playing wirh your Ridgeback, the dog will come to life, the dog will come intio its element, full of energy, full of life. No matter how much such behaviour amuses or irritates his owner, one must keep in mind that this is all a part of their nature, which often conceals the true intelligence of these dogs. One should never forget that these are stubborned dogs, with strong will also physicaly strong and that the do posess a talent to do things their way, as often as they can.

On daily walks a Ridgeback will mearly glance other dogs while passing them by or he or she will in a true Rhodesian Ridgeback styla and manner dominantly look all around them, concealing the thin line of challenge. Contrary to common belief, a Ridgeback will not be looking for a fight, in fact a Ridgeback will try to avoid physical contact whenever possibla, sometimes pushing it so far as it might be seen as skilfull cowardace. On the other hand a Ridgeback does not tollerate insults, it will wait for as long as it takes to settle the score.

And in the end, the conclusion being, Rhodesian Ridgeback is not a breed suited for anyone. One needs to have ample of time for long daily walks and early and positive socialisation with other dogs is very important for a stabile and good nature of the dog. Whoever is lookng for a beautiful strong dog eith an independent spirit, Rhodesian Ridgeback is the choice.

As an admirer of this breed once said: “A beautiful dog can stop peaople walking by, a Rhodesian Ridgeback can stop the trafic” Find out if it’s true…

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